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Consultancy services are basically endow with professional forces particular in a area such as management, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing, public relations, finance, security (electronic or physical), engineering, or any other specialized fields. In simple terms, they are the people who provides professional or expert advice in their specialized field. Ranked below are the best and top 10 Consultant service Provider in India from various sectors like IT, Job, Immigration, BPO etc. These sites are ultimate resource in-case you are searching for most visiting or popular Consultant in India.

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1. They understand their customer's business

It’s probably not a surprise to you that this is the first characteristic I’ve identified. Clearly, understanding your customer’s business and providing appropriate advice based on your understanding is the cornerstone of good management consulting.

How can you tell if a management consultant knows your business? The best way to gauge how well a management consultant knows your business is by the questions they ask during the sales process. While no one will know your business immediately, the questions the consultant asks will show you if they’re on the right track.

2.They CONFIDENTIAL keep your business

There’s nothing worse than a consultant who tells your competitor something along these lines, “You should consider an xyz approach. We implemented it at Rapidan Strategies and they decreased their costs by 27%!” If you want to cite broad industry benchmarking statistics, that’s fine. But don’t go spreading my (or your) confidential business information around town


A good consultant will have a broad professional network and will use it to help your business. Whether it’s introducing you to a sales opportunity or introducing you to a key hire, a good consultant knows your needs and does her best to help you satisfy them. They know that sometimes you need something immediately and do everything they can to meet your deadlines. As a business owner, you know you can count on them when you need them.

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